14 March 2007

Tax Free Money

There has been a lot of talk and damn little action about Dope City drivers paying more than most anybody in Fortress (Fuck The World) America for fuel. The conventional wisdom says the lack of competition amongst the few remaining fuel refiners and distributors is the cause of our fill up woes.

As usual I do not buy the conventional wisdom. The gouging capitalist motherfuckers who are charging whatever they can get away with are filling the tanks of the Dope Economy. Dope City would crumble without it.

British Columbia still clings to its image of being a forestry driven economy but the image is bullshit. The tree that is driving our economy can be smoked to make you higher than local real estate prices.

I gather the army of pickers in this province are paid $25 per hour - tax free of course - plus meals. That must work out to be at least $35 per hour. I also suspect pickers in the oil and gas fields are paid even more. $25 per hour, often earned on top of above ground economy wages, makes the price of fuel for a car frivilous even at today's rising cost.

So if you are one of those whining motherfuckers complaining about the cost of gas why don't you shut the fuck up and get a job in the sector of the economy that is permitting the oil companies to gouge us all so blatantly. And that $25 per hour is usually worked in 12 hour shifts. What the fuck are you waiting for?

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