16 March 2007

Liberal, Conservative, Green or NDP?

As I was preparing myself turkey sandwiches, made from the frozen leftovers of last year's Christian Animal Sacrifice, for tomorrow's lunch, I looked over at the hamburger grease in the pan dinner was cooked in. I had given the Hammer both burger grease and turkey - which one did she love more?

I set down the grease pan next to the turkey bits on the floor. The Hammer knew what was on the counter. She had not left the kitchen for a a long time. Yummy stinky people food.

First she gobbled down a few turkey bits. But before she finished the turkey she sent her smoochie tongue to work cleaning up the burger grease. Then she finished up the turkey before she made sure the burger grease was all gone. The Hammer likes burger grease better than turkey.

But she likes leftover seal best of all.

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