13 March 2007

DST Blues

We are an older bunch down at the mill for the most part. We do not cope with change as easily as younger folk do. This past weekend's early move to Daylight Saving Time fucked us good.

"Look at everybody Beer," Rollie said to me as we had a cup of coffee in his car before our shift. I looked around the parking lot. Most of the guys who get to the mill early to beat the daily traffic insanity were asleep in their car's tilted back seats instead of gulping coffee and smoking as usual. Rollie was gulping his coffee. He had already smoked his pre-shift spliff before he drove into the parking lot. "If it wasn't for pot and coffee I'd be sleeping too instead of counting flying saucers and listening to your bullshit about hitting 14-1 and 12-1 shots at the track on the weekend."

I felt like I had been shot. When I was younger you could have changed the clocks every week and I would have never noticed. Now the one hour difference is like a fatal disease.

The horses had been kind to me on the weekend. I have been spending some time working on life changing bets. On Sunday I had three of the four horses in my superfecta wheel - a super that paid just about fifteen big ones. I did not have the guts to throw out the favourite from the gamble or I would have shared the pot with an eight dollar ticket. As Sonja says, "You're always a horse short."

After work I took the dog down to the river. She got to play with a dog just like her. After that we stood by the river and watched all the uprooted crap floating downstream in the wake of yesterday's storm. The river was looking pissed off for good reason.

On the news I learned we have 1068 days to protest the Dope City Winter Olympic Games. Get at it and to it.

Maybe my circadian rhythm is not so screwed up after all. I just remembered I need to pour myself a drink and watch Corner Gas.

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