3 January 2007

No Friendly Faces

On the way back to Dope City from the mountains white I was passed by Marcus driving my sisters and Hunky Z in his SUV. I was doing about 80 mph, I do not recommend driving in winter conditions much faster than that. The drool hanging from the Hammer's face was freezing to the side of the car and to the side of her face. Marcus must have been doing over 90. Crazy motherfucker.

As they went by Sonja shouted, "Look at their coolers!" Their coolers, tied with the precision of a drunken boy scout leader to the SUV's roof racks, appeared to be talking with one another. Both lids were flapping faster than the wings of an eagle being chased by a murder of ravens. They were by us so fast I did not have time to even honk my horn at them.

Sonja told me, "We need to do some new things this year. Like fucking Lou Reed says - we need some new sensations."

I said, "Ok. How about we start off by going into the pub up ahead. I have never been in that one."

Sonja said, "Beer, you are fucking hopeless. That's why I love you I guess."

I kissed her with my whiskery face and pulled the Cadillac into the beer house. It was warm in the pub and there were no friendly faces in the house. New Year's Day is inevitably evil. We ordered our food and drinks. Sonja does not drink when I am driving. I had a few apple ciders on ice. A brilliant drink to chase last year's alcohol demons back to Hell with.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year beer.... May your complicated stream of consciousness
endure thru 2007 and beyond.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

What is so complicated a couple beers won't simplfy?

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a shitload of beer to simplify the complicated

and complicate the simple.

so it is written