4 January 2007

I Spend a Lot of Time in Supermarkets

Looks like this year is going to be different than the last several. I did not drink on January 2nd. I had a few today though. So maybe 2007 will not be that different from the rest of the century.

I visited the supermarket, the one with the check-out girls who have crazy dyed hair-dos and piercings near their mouth that get me to thinking, to buy some food today. There were a lot of people in the store. One check-out was closing while another one opened. It was fucking chaos. I let a few people check their shit out before me because I was not in a hurry. I am never in a hurry unless I am driving. Slow down your life - that's happiness.

After the girl in front of me checked out her half price Christmas candy and two cuddly teddy bears she looked at me and said, "Thanks for letting me go ahead of you."

I told her, "Thanks for saying so."

That is how easy chaos can become neighbourly anarchy.

The steak tasted great with homemade beans and potatoes. Tomorrow the coffee will remind me of how I drank cups of it topped up with scotch while I smoked my after night shift dope in my punk rock apartment. I turned the music up loud in my headphones as the steam, smoke and alcohol fumes filled my room. Sometimes I forgot to switch off the speakers. My neighbours did not like me that much.

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