15 November 2006

The Return of Pat Quinn To Dope City

Tiger, one of the brown buddies at work asked me, "So Beer, what are you thinking about the new coach of the Canucks?"

I answered, "They have a new coach? How can you tell?"

Tiger knew the answer to that one, "Because they are playing even worse than last year!"

I offered, "Well last year they failed to make the play-offs. How do you get worse than that?"

Again Tiger had an answer, "I don't know but everybody knows they are worse than ever. What do you think they should they do?"

At last I had an answer. All I think about is the miserable fucking Canucks after all, "Since the old yank owner finally sold out to his Canadian partner the Weenie I figure the gate is open for Pat Quinn to return to the city that loves him. The team better hurry though or else someone else will pick him up first."

The answer seemed to please the man I have shared too many pints with at the pub after work yet never seen the inside of his Sliverville palace, nor he mine. "Sometimes you very smart man Beer. Where do get ideas like that one?"

I told him, "Listening to English language sports radio at night before I go to bed." Like Tiger was ever going to do that. The Indian guys at work all roll into the parking lot blasting the local pro-Khalistani rubbish from their Future Shop car stereos. The same shit screams from their cars on their way out of the gate. They live in their own world. Like me.

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