14 November 2006

A New Place Where the Old Place Used To Be

I used to have breakfast or lunch in this place. It was the place in town where people smoked cigarettes inside instead of outside like homeless crackheads. Their coffee was strong and the bread was homemade. The owners stopped keeping it spruce when they started thinking about retiring. They charged the homeless $2.oo to take a shit in their broken down shitter. Now it is gone.

I went for lunch at the place that replaced it. The seats are not ripped any more and I caught a glimpse of the shiny new shitter from my seat by the window. They could charge $5.00 to take a shit on a shitter that shiny. The soup and sandwich were very good. The bread was from a store though. They have coffee too, but beer as well, so I had a couple Stellas in their as yet unchipped glasses.

The Hammer lay outside in the rain sniffing stinky people and drooling on the wet leaf sidewalk as I ate.

The beer with my lunch made me sleepy so when I got home I had a nap and dreamed of all the places I used to like that are gone. Nothing stays the same in a young city. Except for maybe the Canucks' stumbling ways. Maybe I should have had coffee. Either that or more beer.

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