10 October 2006

Take This War and Shove It

There's too many on the sidewalk,
Too many on the street
Far too many out in the cold,
Without a thing to eat
Too many sleeping under bridges,
Too many sick on the floor
Far too many in the gutter,
Too many knocking on the door
Too many with no future,
Too many with a tragic past
Too many living in the shadows,
Too many fading, fading fast

I just want some peace of mind,
That's all I'm asking for
But there ain't no peace in a world at war

- Gerry Hannah, Subhumans (Canada)

On the way to the racetrack and back today I listened to Dope City, Canada's legendary Subhuman's new cd, New Dark Age Parade. I turned the motherfucker way up as I sped down the 401 at 100 miles per hour thinking about nothing else but the cold pint of Carlsberg awaiting me in the racetrack bar. You probably did not have time to read my Fuck You bumper sticker if you were one of the people belatedly giving me the finger as my black Cadillac with the whips, furs and cold Canadian beer in the back blew by faster than the speed of life.

I sure never thought the Subhumans would record again even though they have (sort of) reformed for very short periods every now and then. Back in '99 my beer buddies and I could not believe how fucking good the band were when Wimpy fronted a bunch of East Siders on a short tour of the world. They made it about as far as motherfucking Alberta.

If you like your music loud and to the point finish your beer and go buy yourself a copy. If rebel music is on life support, the Subhumans have raised the near dead with their new record. The Subhumans are Mr. Beer N. Hockey's kind of people. Their old drummer Dimwit's spirit is alive.


Svetlana said...

The new Subhumans album is great. Great lyrics - angry, funny, smart and inspiring.



Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The Subhumans are everything the Canadian federal Liberal leadership is not.