31 October 2006

The Right Man

Hunky Z. dropped by today to help me do some repairs around the house. I have the week off work but I would spend the week in the pub without a little help. Hunky is one of those guys you see advertizing their handiness in the local newspaper. His motto is "The Right Man For Z Job!"

"Good of you to hire me for the week, Beer," Hunky said when we were taking our first beer break of the young day. "As you know, I spend most of my time setting up grows. It's good money but the sort of company I have been keeping lately makes me a little nervous. That's the way it is with good money: there is always a price to pay."

Official estimates vary as much as opinions about Belinda Stronach but it is generally conceded that British Columbia's dope business, The Business, is worth over 4 billion dollars a year. 10 billion dollars a year is probably more like it. Hunky's share of it is paying for a house big enough to need an alarm, three pit bulls and "Some shit you do not want to know about."

I like to think I can work some but Hunky can outwork me anytime. Same goes with when we are climbing mountains. I can climb all day but Hunky can climb faster and longer than me with a smoke hanging off his lip all day.

"You could climb like me too, Beer," Hunky likes to tell me as I catch up to him on a trail, "If only you cut your beer drinking down to a case a day. Or maybe you could try drinking some light beer?"

"Fuck the light beer Hunky! Maybe you should try smoking some light dope, eh?"

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Ash BC said...

"a house big enough to need an alarm"

That's one of the best descriptions for a large house I've ever read.


I hope you're well! :)

I'm reading...catching up.

Happy Monday!
~ Ash