30 October 2006

Bye Bye Street Crazies

The lovable Premier of British Columbia recently announced the de-institutionalization of the mentally ill has been a failure. Years ago the government started closing beds in the insane asylum and putting people on the street to collect welfare and laugh at promises made to them about support services that never did materialize. Naturally a lot of the mentally ill began self medicating with everything under the sun.

I came to the same conclusion as the Premier the first time I saw somebody drop their pants in the middle of a Hastings Street sidewalk and take a shit out of their very, very dirty ass. That was many years ago. I remember thinking how cool it must be to take a shit on the sidewalk and not give a fuck what anybody thinks of your action. Is freedom just another word for nothing left to lose? The guy did not wipe his butt with his hand even. He just hiked up his pants when he was done, it only took a few seconds, and continued on his way.

The Premier has come to his conclusion because of less than glowing international reports on the deplorable situation on the streets of just about any town you can think of. Crazy fuckers are not good for tourism. Sure as green shit comes out of the back end of a Canada goose, as many people as possible will be safely warehoused away where they can watch the 2010 Olympics on television and not be televised themselves when the snoopy cameras of the world turn on Dope City.


A. B. Chairiet said...

"Is freedom just another word for nothing left to lose?"

Wow. I love that.

And I think you may be right. :)


This whole piece was wonderful.

Happy Halloween!
~ Ash

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Kris Kristofferson, whose words I shamelessly borrowed, has a way with words like I have a way with beer.