3 October 2006

If You Are Happy and You Know It

I asked a neighbour I bumped into down at the supermarket if she noticed the same couple of drug fiends smoking their glass pipe around the corner from the automatic doors I just about tripped over. She said, "This is Steepleton, Beer. There's drug fiends everywhere you turn. And you know what? The way things are going I don't blame them one fucking bit. The only brightness on the horizon is a two week Olympic coke festival four years from now in Dope City and Whistler. Why not start hitting the blow right now before the price goes up?"

I told her, "You talk like this is Sliverville."

"Steepleton is Sliverville now. It is Sliverville from Dope City to Hope and beyond. I hear things are even worse way up north," she insisted.

My neighbour knows her world well. It used to be people did not understand why people hit the dope so hard their heart stopped beating several times a month. Now they understand. It is not like there is no future, it is just that the future does not compare favourably with decades now long behind us. People understand we are getting fucked over but they are not quite sure if there is anything that can be done to reverse the course set and maintained by the Captains of Greed.

All they know is a good hit of dope makes it all better.

I need a fucking beer.

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