4 October 2006


We have seen so little of our tree bug ravaged province's Premier lately I am thinking he has already decided to let some other kisser of corporate ass to take over soon or he is on the juice again. Tonight on the tv we were treated to the sight of one of his junior corporate ass kissers giving a message to the many thousands of people who live in cardboard boxes instead of homes. The message was pretty fucking straightforward, "F.O.A.D."


Anonymous said...

I'd like to leave a comment on the ole PM.... If you were takin comments.... what the hell happened?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

All comments are being moderated by a pile of drunken one armed goons. Watch what you say or they may smash you over the head with their stump.

not anonymous said...

oh hell yeah IT'S HOCKEY SEASON!

F.O.A.D - Pioneering new standards of offensive behavior -
and time Canadians received the health care they have paid for. (In the event one is smashed about the head by a pile of one armed goons - An unlikely occurance...as it would necessitate the 'setting down of the brewsky'.... n'est pas?)

btw..I liked that the current emperor of Canada,had the huevos to back Israel.

great blog....ya deserve a freakin' gift basket... for real

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I believe "pioneering new standards of offensive behaviour" is the Canuck's motto this season.