2 October 2006

Pregnant Hockey Pucks

Things have been a little different around the Hockey house since Sonja watched a video put out by one of those groups that do not think it is good to whack seals, cut off their fat, furry flippers and eat them, nevermind eat chickens.

We are now eating a lot of vegan food. And it is not half bad. I especially like eating the bean dishes like the Mexican lasagna we ate tonight, downing a few beers with it and farting like my dog does when she looks out the window and thinks how good it would be to take a big shit in the park.

For dessert we had carob muffins that were better than anything you can buy at the Tim Horton's. Sonja drizzled carob frosting on top of the big brown cakes and they tasted great even if they looked a little like pregnant hockey pucks.

I have to admit I am feeling healthier than I have since my third liver transplant since I became part vegan. I still enjoy a big slice of flipper pie and a few other bits and pieces of the animal kingdom in my lunch at work and down the pub.

Sonja is doing her best to get me to join the veggie team for good but I think it will take a personal visit from a carob frosting covered Pamela Anderson for me to go veggie all the way.

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