17 September 2006

The Return of Pierre

Got word today from Pierre's mom that Pierre has recently returned to work. Some months ago he was attacked by vicious farm dogs as he lay blissfully passed out in the shade of a barn full of marijuana.

Pierre's mom said, "He is suing the farmer for everything he's got, which is not much. You cannot sue for pounds and pounds of dope, you know Beer. If his lawyer does her job he plans on moving to Montreal to be closer to his beloved Canadiens and a fat, bearded woman he met on the internet."

I am working on my first ever Phoenix Gold Lager. It comes in the classic stubby bottle I learned to drink from as a child. Sonja had a slug from the stubby and did not spit it out so it must be fucking good beer. I like it too. But it is not as good as Pacific Western's Amber Ale - the best motherfucking beer in Canada and therefore the world.

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