15 September 2006

The Hunter and the Haunted

Bought a turkey at the supermarket yesterday. I stuck a backyard apple in its Afghanistan cave like gut and bowled it into the oven. It sure smelled good as it noisily cooked and having the oven turned on for three hours warmed up the cool house without having to turn the furnace on.

When it was cooked I placed it on the counter to cool a little before putting it in the fridge. The Hammer sure liked the look of the turkey sitting there steaming like Kimveer Gill. When I left the kitchen she ripped a wing off the bird. Sonja saw her with the wing and ripped it out of her mouth before she started trying to force bones down her throat.

The Hammer was put outside for a few minutes to let her know there will be no stealing turkey wings off the counter. We are such strict dog owners.

Tonight when I got home from work I sliced up the turkey, made sandwiches for Friday, bagged the rest and put it in the freezer. The scraps went to the dog.

Turkey cooked and eaten some other time than the usual holidays is the best.

In other food news, I thought the Hammer had eaten all the backyard rats but I saw a big brown one today drinking muddy water from one of the holes she has excavated. The Hammer saw the rat through the window same time as I did. She is out there right now hunting the motherfucker down like a deranged gun man with a bad hair do.

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