13 September 2006

Community Television At Its Best

Like many good Dope City folk I like to watch the legendary cable show Urban Rush. I especially like it when they have old hockey players like Kirk McLean and Rosaire Paiment on. Tonight Fiona (the one with the admirable massive breasts) and whatever the guy's name is had on Ben Lee talking about his motherfucking cologne and singing a song. This is the same show that once had on the Drive-By Truckers but mostly their musical guests suck shit just as bad as Ben Lee did tonight. The Drive-Bys must have bribed Urban Rush's producer with some good fucking shit and some first rate head because the show usually features equally vile as Ben Lee Beatle-like crap on the show.

For those of you who like Ben Lee, or anything that sounds remotely like Ben Lee, I have some news for you: The Beatles were a fucking piece of crap. Your parents were fucking idiots for listening to them and so are you for snapping your coke encrusted fingers along to such vacant hippy shit. What the fuck is the matter with you?

Just because you live in Dope City does not give you a license to be a lame ass hippy listening to shit like Ben Lee. If you want to be a hippy get your shit together and attack the American border like your mom and dad or grand-parents did in the days before The War On Terror.


madame x said...

How can a person who drinks Pacific Western Brewing organic amber ale....say somthing like "vacant hippy shit"?

I dub you the 'motherfucking mayor of dope city and I dub the hammer as vice mayor...Ringo may be treasurer... 'cause he holds all the loonies.

Do you take Mrs.Beer N. Hockey places other than the stick fights or the local LCBO store? Maybe the butchart gardens (to find the hidden cannibus patch?)

Carry on

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Her Worship,the Hammer, would like being demoted from her mayor's chair. Mentioning us in the same sentence as Ringo is high praise. Anybody who dug T Rex as much as Ringo can drink my beer any time.