12 September 2006

Switching Over

By the looks of it Dope City's best summer since we sucked the world into visiting Expo and leaving their money behind is coming to an end this week. I am thinking of switching over to wine from beer as the temperature drops and the rain starts bucketing. A lot of wine should get me in the mood for watching some Canucks' hockey. That way I will fit in with all the rest of the whiners when things go bad.

It was good to hear the Canucks signed Trevor Linden today. Winter would not be the same without people saying, "Fuck that fucking Linden is fucking useless."

Call me Mr. Wine N. Hockey.

I marked the fifth anniversary of America getting blasted then settting off on its motherfucking Endless Crusade by taking the dog for a long, long walk. The Hammer found something stinky to roll in but it had lost most of its poohiness. Then she found a dead raccoon which she sniffed at but let be.

As the sun sets on the Western World behind the hockey arena I am sucking on a Pacific Western Brewing organic amber ale. It is the best motherfucking beer in the world.


Nicole said...

I left you a comment a couple days ago.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Sorry dear.