25 September 2006

Colonial Secretary

I learned recently that Colonial Secretary, my favourite race horse of all time, had been euthanized a couple years back. He was a grand son of Secretariat, raced (and raced well) into his teens, and had a very short retirement before breaking a leg or something. He won his last race by 15 lengths if memory serves. Colonial Secretary had more class than any horse I have seen race at Dope City Downs. He always had a big smile for the crowd when he resumed racing each year. Animals make me feel good and Colonial Secretary made me feel better than most when he walked the ring and returned from his races to be unsaddled.

So it was kind of disturbing to hear today from a long time fan of the game that some race horses hereabouts get shot in the woods when their owners figure their racing careers are over. I hope it is not true.

My pick in the Derby chased an insane pace before tiring to finish 5th. It was good to see a horse that runs locally once again beat out the shippers from motherfucking Alberta, Seattle and Ontario. I got even with the game backing a 7-1 shot in the final race of the day. My triacta and superfecta numbers were all in order at the top of the stretch but a couple of them called it a day a little too soon.

One of these days I hope to change my name to Mr. Beer N. Longshot.

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