26 September 2006


I do not do it any more but I used to be a volunteer firefighter. I could not keep up the partying pace the boys at the hall kept so I had to retire. I thought I could party like a firefighter but thinking you can do something and doing it are two different things. Some people can party harder than a Newfie. Those people are called firefighters. The sole reason most volunteers are active in fire departments is the partying. I reckon there are few substances on Earth that have not been shared on firehouse tables.

Which is a long way of saying I was not exactly surprised a Steepleton volunteer firefighter was charged overseas with importing coke and ecstacy, the drugs of choice for the non-dope smoking world, recently. But I am sure, if he was truly a guilty party to the offence, he knew that if you do the crime you better be prepared to do the fucking time.

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