24 September 2006

A Walk In the Park

The Hammer and I went for an orange sunshine walk through an area just being developed as an industrial park this morning. Things got orange as the sun burned through the fog like a red hot nugget of hash burns through a synthetic shirt.

The freshly laid road bed was soft to walk on. It felt like walking on forest moss. The area was once marginal farmland, the sort of farmland perfectly suited to growing hemp. Soon the land will be growing smokestacks and parking lots. In the middle of the park the developers have dug a deep ditch and planted it with a few wetland plants so they can thump their chest and tell people they are more of an environmentalist than David Suzuki and Paul Watson put together.

It was kind of spooky.

Above us a hawk cried as he hopelessly searched the vast acres for rodents. The rodents will return one day soon in suits and BMWs. The new rats will be quite a mouthful for a hawk.

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