7 June 2006

PBR You Taste Like...

I reckon if I keep writing tastefully about motherfucking beer a motherfucking beer company will start sending some of their product.

Please hurry with the gift of beer.

The latest beer I have conquered is Canadian made Pabst Blue Ribbon. I do not usually go for what we patriotic beer drinking Canadians call Yankee Piss Water but I am cheering for Carolina in the Stanley Cup Final so I thought a few cans of the stuff would put me in the mood.

Up here Stroh brews the stuff to 5.9%. By my calculation that means it is only 94.1% Yankee Piss Water. I think there is probably fucking rice in it. Americans have this thing about putting rice in their beer. They must use most of their barley for making daisy cutters or something.

The verdict? Pabst Blue Ribbon tastes like shit, but not as bad as Bud, I am drinking it at least until the ones I bought are gone. By then England will be playing Paraguay and I will be hitting the English beer which is every bit as bad as the American's.

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