6 June 2006

Between Periods

Between periods of the hockey game the Hammer and I ran down to the park. In the middle of the field two guys played catch with a football and pounded cans of cold beer. The Hammer probed a tall can balanced in the grass with her long tongue. One of the footballers said, "Cool, a dog that likes beer." I told him, "Nothing like a cold beer after eating a big pile of homeless people's shit."

Their girlfriends smoked dope in the dugout. The girlfriend with the biggest ones said, "The dog food people should invent dog beer."

In one corner of the field of dope dreams six young guys passed a joint around like I used to do before beer took over my life. "Hey, your dog is like freaking us out."

In another corner a crackhead looked for the meaning of life and death in his pipe. "I know the motherfucker is in there somewhere!"

All I needed was a whore giving cheap blow jobs in another corner of the park and I would have had something to write about.

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