9 June 2006

Lethal Weapon VI

Looks like Sonja's dad is moving back to Sliverville. He was happy at first with his new apartment but it turns out there not enough quiet people near death living around him for his liking. "The manager will rent to anybody...except hindoos." He has been accepted in an old dear's building not far from where Sonja and I used to live. What the Hell - it is not like there is any difference between Steepleton and Sliverville any more any way. If you are going to share a neighbourhood with crack heads you might as well share it with the best.

The old guy recently backed into a parked car. Luckily most of the damage was to his ego. I joked with him about, "Calling your doctor and setting up a day for you to hand in your license." Like most all car addicts he bristled at the mere mention of having to do without his granny shagging wagon. "If you so much as say hello to my doctor I will never buy a beer for you again." A few weeks ago he just missed hitting Sonja's car in our driveway. He and Sonja both joked about it but I figure his spectacle prescription or his meds need adjustment.

For those of you living in Steepleton, keep an eye out for a purple van swerving down the road. If he hits your car stay in the vehicle. The cane he carries with him is Lethal Weapon VI.

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