25 April 2006

Wild Trout

Saw way too many people heading into the mountains with their fishing gear after work today. One of the vehicles loaded with gear and poles was a Caddie - do not see that often. I do not even have my license yet but I will have it and be hauling out wild trout soon. I ate the last one out of my freezer last week. I like them baked with orange slices and lots of fresh ground black pepper.

Another sign of spring was Jimi calling me about his kid's baseball. The kid has moved up a year and most all of the team is on the young side of the age bracket they now compete in. Jimi said, "Last year everyone knew what the fuck they were doing. When they had to throw a ball to a certain base they threw the ball without even thinking. Now the little fucking perverts cannot think about anything but the opposite sex. When they are supposed to throw the ball someplace they are dreaming about some hottie in math class."

Jimi is doing his motherfucking best with his kid. Keeping your kid away from the imported powders and the powerful efforts of Sliverville scientists is a full time job. Hopefully it all works out - I have been hearing about too many young people dying my whole life when they should have been out on a lake swatting bugs, eating seal jerky and fucking with the fishing regulations.

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