24 April 2006

$2.50 T-Bones

The wee Hammer and I took a trip down the tracks for the first time in a while today. The Hammer was eating so many homeless people's shit along there I had been avoiding one of our favourite walks in favour of pathways with less crap at their sides.

The Salvation Army's move caused the homeless to leave my neighbourhood for the time being. No one wants to have to walk too far for a free meal. The new neighbourhood by which the homeless are now tenting is up in arms about the city refusing to move them along. I think the new neighbours of the homeless are blowing smoke out of their uncharitable Animal Sacrificing Christian asses. My neighbourhood had no difficulties with poor fucked up folks living around here except for their lack of a proper shitter.

For the first time in ages we saw no homeless around. Lots of garbage still lies everywhere however. A crew could easily fill a garbage truck if anybody gave a shit about our city looking like a dump, which they do not. Some of the blackberry bushes have been razed, that moved a few other people away. Blackberry bushes hide everything from good sized marijuana crops to the living dead around Dope City.

The end of our walk was a grocery store where they have loads of stuff on sale most of the time. This week they had a special sale - 50% off frozen meat. I picked up a t-bone for $2.50. Tomorrow I will stop in and pick up a pile of them. When the price of gas goes through the roof you have to economize somewhere.

Sonja and would have gone some place with the dog today but like lots of people we are trying to stretch our tank the way spammers tell me they can stretch my motherfucking dick.

I do not need a dick stretcher, I eat seal, nature's dick elongator.

When the Hammer and I were nearly home we ran into a neighbour and his dog Claw. The neighbour was moaning about how his Detroit Red Wings had given away a game to a hockey team from motherfucking Alberta. I told him if the Oilers did not chew up his Rock City team then my Avalanche would be only too happy to send Steve Yzerman's gang of oldtimers into the history books.

The Hammer is sleeping on the cool basement floor now as I finish off my dinner beer.

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