23 April 2006

Fucked in the Head Conservatives

While out in the car today stopped at a red I noticed an old dear crumpled on the sidewalk ahead. She was struggling to get up but appeared unable to do so. It looked like an opportunity to put my first aid experience to work. I put on my emergency flashers and waited for the light to turn. As I waited a car pulled up behind me and a young gal hopped out of the passenger seat and ran ahead to check on the old dear. She had the seen the lady hit the deck travelling in the other direction I guess.

The young gal had helped the old dear to her feet by the time I pulled up and asked if I could be of assistance. The old dear was smiling in her groovy sun glasses like she keels over every day. The young gal said, "We're going to give her a ride home."

What with Canadian soldiers dying needlessly in hockey hungry Afghanistan, the price of gas rising almost as fast as the ice sheets are melting, news of another friend's relationship meltdown and marijuana law reform being axed by our latest fucked in the head Conservative government; hope is getting scarce as common sense in a Holy Book.

Thank you to the young couple who took the time to check on the smiling old lady for reminding me that you can give up on the Canucks, World Peace, Cheap Beer and politicians but you can never give up on hope - not as long as there are people around willing to help you off the sidewalk.

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