7 April 2006

Stinky Seals

When I worked on the river we used to get the odd seal haul his oily ass out of the putrid, condom laced water onto the standing boom. They are a big beautiful creature. No wonder everybody wants to kill them and eat them up.

Sometimes a dead seal would float by all puffy as a policeman nearing retirement. If you have never breathed in a dead seal you have not lived. One time us comical as all fuck boommen pushed a seal into the back side of a hollowed out log and sent it on up into the mill. The crazy fuckers in the mill wanted to kill us for about a week afterwards. The stink of the seal went flying every where when the head saw hit the swollen target. Several people vomited on impact.

Sawmill workers are not real keen on boommen. Everybody knows the guys on the river are standing around drinking, smoking, fighting and looking for cool stuff to send up into the mill to piss them off.

One time a body swollen up like a seal popped out from beneath a boom of red cedar. It happened on day shift so we did not send the body up into the mill for processing. Day shift was not that much fun.

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