6 April 2006

Believe It

There was a time you could walk the streets of any town around Dope City, except Sliverville of course, with little expectation of being attacked. Shit has changed. Dope City has become Sliverville. Believe it motherfucker.

Yesterday a Dope City rich man's son was hauled out of his car and taken away in broad daylight. News of the previous day's shooting in Sliverville quickly vanished without a trace.

The man has a gun
He knows how to use it
Nine millimeter Browning, let's see what it can do
He'll point it at your mouth
Say he'll blow your brains out
Don't you mess with me
I'm carrying a gun
Carrying a gun
Don't you mess with me
Get over here
Move slowly
I'll put a hole in your face
If you even breathe a word
Tell the lady to lie down
I want you to be sure to see this
I wouldn't want you to miss a second
Watch your wife
Carrying a gun
Shooting with a gun
Dirty animal

Carrying a gun
Carrying a gun
Watch your face
Carrying a gun
Carrying a gun
Carrying a gun
The animal dies with fear in its eyes
With a gun
Don't touch him
Stay away from him
He's got a gun

- Lou Reed

It is high time Canadians be allowed to carry side arms for personal protection. Keeping a sawed off Sher-Wood handy does not cut it any more.


smackie9 said...

Would I be amused
Would you be impressed
Knowing that I had the power
To put a hole into your chest?
When the kids are crying
After the welfare check's been spent
Would I rob a licquor store
To get money for the rent?

If I had a gun...If I had a gun

Would I start smoking Marlboros?
Would i stop smoking Kents?
Would I gain some new respect?
Would I gain some confidence?
Would I suddenly go crazy
And shoot my family
And see myself years later
On some crime show on TV
If I had a gun?

Would i wear it in a holster?
Would I keep it concealed?
Would I put it on the table
Everytime that I'm misdealed?
When I hear a nearby gunshot
When I'm up at night alone
Would I feel a little safer
Here in my urban home
If I had a gun? :
by Joe Jack Talcum

smackie9 said...

My Sherwood now sits by the hot water tank downstairs.