5 April 2006

Ignorance and Superstition

The whole history of the human species, taken in one point of view, appears a vast abortion. Man seems adapted for wisdom and fortitude and benevolence. But he has always, through a vast majority of countries, been the victim of ignorance and superstition.

- William Godwin

About as far as a crackhead can make it on foot before he needs another hit from my violent old neighbourhood a man was shot dead in sight of an elementary school play ground the other day.

My old friend Curly still lives in the area and overheard a group of pre-teen girls talking about what they had seen as they congregated outside a mall smoking a joint after school. Curly said he heard one girl say, "It was two guys with silver guns. They capped the motherfucker good."

On the news a 13 year old, who also witnessed the event, said, "I just moved here from Saskatchewan. Oh, gosh. I'm glad we're moving out of Sliverville soon too!"

Some houses in Sliverville sell for $1,000,000 or more. Ha. That little girl knows the fucking score.

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