29 April 2006

Show Time

Stan picked me up to go to a punk rock show one time. Jimi and Legs were with him. This was in my bachelor days, when my diet was worse than it is now and I drank shopping carts full of beer every week.

I farted in the car. The windows were rolled down but Stan still puked on himself as we sped over the bridge to Dope City.

Jimi asked, "What the fuck have you been eating?"

"Chili," I answered.

"What about yesterday?" Legs asked.

"You motherfuckers know I eat chili every day."

Stan puked up a little more as we hit the freeway and sparked up some good Afghan hash.

The hash came stamped in gold with the logo of the Afghan Rebels. They used our hash money to chase off the Russians. You know what happened next. Remember that the next time you see or hear someone who thinks there will be a positive outcome to the wars on drugs.

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