30 April 2006

Stay Tuned For Drunken Kentucky Derby Pick

Sonja and I are lucky as the Dope City Canucks are not to have friends we have been friends with since before the shopping mall was invented. Sonja took off to visit with the old girls and take in some shopping mall action today. The Hammer and I headed for the green mountains.

The trail I chose for the Hammer and I to get some exercize is rated moderate by British Columbia standards. But it is at times a difficult trail for a dog to manage because a dog's four legs do not pick their way through big rocks the way us two leggeds can. The Hammer beams with joy on a mountain trail like I do when I crack my first beer of the day.

I wanted to get her over a bridge made of a single fallen old growth tree before she got too old. There are lots of bridges just like it in the woods around here. The bridge on the trail is a Douglas Fir probably 300 years old when a wind storm dropped it with a crash that would have made you shit your shorts if you had been nearby. She was not excited about getting on the bridge but followed me gamely once up. She was no trouble on the return trip.

There were loads of people hiking to a lake deep in the woods with their fishing poles. They all got soaked by the rain storm that hit shortly after the two of us got back to the car. When the weather changes around here it can be most unforgiving. The hikers may have even been hit by snow or slush.

I am not too sure how the loggers missed the outstanding looking Douglas Fir where we walked. The centuries old beauties would look good on their way through a head rig. Being in the company of old trees makes me feel like John Denver with a smoking big bowl of hash before he crashed his plane into America.

On the way home I made a few betting the horses. I hope to be sharp with my horseplay for the Kentucky Derby next weekend. A horse owned by a motherfucker from Alberta who runs horses in Dope City as well as the major tracks owns the favourite, a colt by the name of Brother Derek. It is usually wise to bet against the favourite in the Derby. I'm still thinking about it.

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