19 April 2006

Ready For War?

Heard gas prices may cruise to the $1.50 litre mark this summer. If you have never visited Canada, corners of which are rich in both hockey players and fossil fuel, you better do it soon before we are invaded and and annexed by the Big Guzzler of Gas to our south.

There is a lot of shit going down I did not think I would see until I was safely stored in an empty beer case shaped urn turned towards a tv set where I will watch hockey for eternity or until the Canucks win the Stanley Cup, if there is a difference. Seals are running out of ice to get hunted by humans on; polar bears are running out of ice to do their seal hunting from; glaciers I once stood on have melted into the sea; the Liberals are no longer in charge of Canada. It is not all bad news.

The Conservatives are still better at wanking about being in power rather than exercizing it. I heard the head sheep shagger threatening to call an election if he does not get his way on his evangelical idea of public child care. Some things never motherfucking change.


Ed said...

Welcome to the club. The former United States to the south were taken over by Haliburton, Enron and the likes. The citizens have been allowed to remain only if they produce income for the rulers, and do it as cheaply as possible.

Hey Beer, I found a few sites that you may be interested in. http://www.jimstringer.us/jimstringer/jim_stringer.htm/ click on the opinions button on the left.

Then make a trip to http://www.apatheticagnostic.com/contents.html. If I had to belong to a church, I'd be interested in one whose motto is "We don't know, and we don't care". There world headquarters are in Alberta.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Love the motto of the Apathetic Agnostics. If the rest of the world keeps running out of and warring over their oil Alberta may soon become the HQ of the world. Period.

Austin is my kind of town. http://icebats.com/