16 April 2006

Memories Are Made of This Shit

Sonja, the Hammer and I were on the Dope City Drive yesterday. Nobody in the city was wearing any Canucks gear for some strange reason.

We had lunch in our new favourite restaurant. Sonja carefully forked around with their incomparable potato salad so as to be able to better recreate it than her initial try at home.

After we left the restaurant the Hammer had her landmark first shit while on leash as we passed through the public square. A junky gal, who had spoken knowledgeably about the Hammer to us earlier, and several other dopers watched the Hammer shit. As the Hammer shit all their eyes bugged out. The junky gal exclaimed, "That motherfucking dog is shitting Irish green!" The other dopers rubbed their eyes in disbelief. Sure enough, the coloured flyer the Hammer had eaten in the park near home had made her shit just about the colour of Irish Spring soap.

Some people's dogs, they get called assholes. My dog shits like Pablo Picasso.

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