19 April 2006

What Is It About Middle Names?

Sonja came home from work with an extra big smile on her face today. I asked her, "What's up babe?"

"Oh nothing much as usual. The girls wanted to play 'What's Your Middle Name?' this afternoon.

Dee Dee admitted her middle name is Beatrice. Ramona's is Lisa. Judy's is Garland. Everybody was having a good laugh. I did not want to play their game but since all their middle names were silly I caved in and told them."

I asked, "How did they like yours?"

Sonja answered, "At first they thought it pretty boring. About a half hour later Dee Dee came by my desk and loudly asked with a Mexican accent, 'Can I help you that file now Sonja Rita?'"

My middle name, in case you have not already guessed, is Nasty.

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