20 April 2006

No. 1 Asahi

Tonight we visited our favourite Steepleton Japanese restaurant. Sonja and I are not as fanatical about Japanese food as a lot of people are around Dope City but when we go for it we sure do enjoy their cooking.

Tugboat Davey, my much in demand tattooist, introduced me to Japanese food long before there got to be as many Jap joints in town as there are McShits. The Sliverville gang used to eat and drink in a restaurant there until their food got to be so bad we started joking about nuking the place. I drank sake in their tatamis until I cannot stand the sight of the stuff today.

Tonight two 640 ml Asahis joined the feast in the old beer belly. A couple of those giant Asahis are just right for a Wednesday night beer. Those Japanese motherfuckers may not be able to play hockey worth a shit but they can brew beer like America can make war and like Canada can pretend they are not involved in the Iraq nightmare.

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