29 March 2006

Slashing and Elbowing

Listening to the Hanson Brothers' first star of the game version of Stompin' Tom Connors' "Hockey Song" got me to thinking about a street hockey game I played in. The game was played in the Begby's driveway on the edge of my violent neighbourhood.

Jimi was there, the Begby boys with their glow in the dark super blades, Pig was tending the one net, the Cooper brothers and their already growing beards (that would soon score us beer) and a few other people I cannot remember were there. We played our street hockey rough - no goaler masks, no pads and no referee - it was a mutation of hockey and Canadian rules football and a gang fight really.

Keith,the eldest Cooper brother, was giving me a rough time so I was elbowing him in the ribs every time he slashed me. He told me, "You elbow me one more fucking time I'm going to bust your motherfucking head in you fuckwad."

I elbowed him in the ribs again. We would have dropped the gloves but we were not wearing any. Keith bust my motherfucking head in good.

At dinner later that evening my dad seemed real happy his son had been in a fight even though it was obvious I had lost. My face looked like a roadside bomb had gone off beside it.

"Next time," dad said, "nevermind elbowing him in the ribs. Get him in the motherfucking balls."


smackie9 said...

Coooool, write some more stories about the old days!


'Street Hockey'RULES! ,can't take ya to court for a cheap shot.


'Street Hockey'RULES! ,can't take ya to court for a cheap shot.