30 March 2006

Kill the Afghani or Slaughter the Seal

For one day this week when the weather warmed up there were kids playing at the park when I got home from work and took my big shitting dog down there. Now they are all back playing their electronic games. While the kids play Kill the Afghani or Slaughter the Seal or whatever the coolest new game is, the Hammer chases robins and crows in the soft grass of spring. Outside of the little fucks playing organized sports you never see them in the park unless it snows.

When I was a kid we had no electronic game until pong came along. Pong was the beginning of the end for kids going outside to play. What a dumb motherfucking game that was. I think I wasted a few days playing that one summer. Playing outside was where it was at when I was a kid. Mom would say, "Get out of the fucking house!" and we were like gone before she could throw a glass of wine at us. Or dad would say, "What are you motherfuckers doing inside?" and we would be playing football in the street or pulling the wings and legs off bugs before we were given new prayers to learn or chores to do.

I do not remember any other electronic games being rolled out to steal my beer money until pac man. My local pubs had the stupid game installed and the next thing you knew friends were lost to the electronic craze faster than drugs could take them away. It has been an avalanche of electronic crap ever since.

I would rather watch my dog chase birds in the park thank you.


Ed said...

Thankfully, I found drugs before those electronic mind wasters came along. At least it was organic and we got lots of outdoor time searching the fields for fungi.


MMMMMMM...DRUGS!..,and of course BEER.