31 March 2006

Dope City Rockers

Dope City has always rocked like the motherfucking devil himself.

My mom saw Bill Haley and the Comets way, way back. She said, "It was so loud you could not hear the band!" Everybody was rocking in Dope City - even 50 years ago.

Jimi's uncle was shot in the back trying to escape an enemy through the rear exit of the Bad Allah Cabaret a few years later. The Bad Allah ought to house the Punk Rock Hall of Fame.

Rush and Brave Belt, both of whom would soon rock the motherfucking world, played my junior high. A young man was stabbed to fucking death in cold blood outside the principal's office at the Rush rock show. Randy Bachman ate seventeen cheeseburgers between Brave Belt sets. The shit he took in my junior high john inspired him to write "Sledgehammer."

Heart played my high school. Much masturbation soon followed. The Wilson sisters rocked like my uncalloused hand.

The Dope City punk rockers set the rocking bar so high in the late '70s and early '80s no one has since been able to beat their Gretzky-like ability to rock like villains in the underworld.

Nowadays Dope City grows to rock and rocks to grow. It is about time we had another motherfucking riot. Let's hope the Canucks are still rocking in June.

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