28 March 2006

New House and a New Attitude

Last night after Sonja, her dad and I went out for Chinese food (they did not have any seal!) we stopped by the old guy's place. He has only been there for a few months but moving really has changed his outlook on life. His last place was small but located in a good building where everybody looked out for one another when he moved in. Then the place was sold to some scumbag motherfucker who started renting to every crackhead, whore, drunk and cigarette smoker he could find. The lowlife slumlord would have rented to me if I had applied.

In his new place Sonja's dad is slowly adding nice pieces of furniture and has displayed a new set of family pictures to replace the faded old ones. He is even thinking of buying himself a big tv one day. What he could really use is an old lady but I guess it is not easy for a crazy old Swede to find one of those.

He could not resist buying a second set of running shoes at half price when he was up at the mall hanging out complaining about shit with the other old crazy motherfuckers. So I got a pair of running shoes from him. Pretty handy having a father-in-law with the same sized feet as you. I told him, "Take care of that other pair. If you croak soon I want to get some use out of them too." I felt cool as the Canadian Olympic curling team in my new shoes at the gym.

I had a couple Zhujiangs with my Chinese food. It is good stuff, tastes like Canadian beer. Good thing I was not driving. I sure hope all the motherfucking breweries I write about start sending me free beer one day. If not, I may switch to wine.

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