7 March 2006

The Sawmill Shitter

How many of you have visited a sawmill shitter? For those of you have not had the pleasure let me take you to my work day lavatory. Like Stephen Yan used to say on the tv, "Wok goes in must come out."

The john closest to my work station has been there for fifty years or longer and smells like every day of it. I have seen rats poke their head in the shit house door and run underneath a forklift rather than enter.

Some guys will not use the work can at all except to have a quick pee. In the summer time some guys are blue in the face when they come out because they have been holding their breath the whole time their dink was hanging out. Some figure the real reason sawmill workers have historically died so young is the diseases they pick up taking care of business. Say what you want about us sawmill workers, we are logical as Hell.

At lunch today Eddie said, "...and if the stink of the shit hole was not punishment enough for taking a crap on company time the motherfucking company only provides single ply shit paper. The wood coming out of Beer's saw has finer texture than that ass torture. And half the time it comes apart doing what it is supposed to do and you end up with ass wipe stuck in your ass crack all day."

At least our shit house has doors on the throne rooms. Some sawmills do not even provide those.

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