8 March 2006

A Beer and Hot Dog Kind of Guy

Heard last night on the radio sports talk show I listen to for a few minutes some evenings that Kirby Puckett died from the recent stroke he had. It is not often I feel sad at the death of a sports figure but I felt sad last night.

Steve, one of my old softball team mates, met Kirby when he was still hitting the long ball for the Twins. Steve met lots of baseball and hockey stars over the years. If his knees were as strong as the rest of him he could have played either sport professionally. Steve helped my team to many beer drinking championships. He was just like a little kid after he met a big name player. His eyes lit up like the mayor of Dope City at the sight of a crack head needing a warm van to smoke up in.

"I've met a lot of pro athletes over the years Beer and I tell you most of them are the biggest assholes going. But Kirby is different. Kirby might be the nicest man I have met my whole life. I got none of the 'I'm a hotshot ball player' bull shit attitude you get from most big time athletes from Kirby. He's just a folksie have a beer and hot dog kind of guy like everybody on our team."

Thanks for the long balls Kirby. You were a beer guzzling, dog chomping motherfucker just like us.

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