6 March 2006

The One Balled Boxer

Ran into a friendly couple and their dog down on the dyke today. The dog was a boxer. It only had one ball. He chased the Hammer until she figured out it was not going to bite her and then they had the sort of fun dogs have that like each other.

The couple asked me if I knew of any other good places to run dogs off leash. I told them about a few places I do not tell everybody about because they were good people and they had the nicest, smartest one balled boxer I have ever seen.

Above us an airplane purposely shut down its engine to practice what it is like not to have an engine going I guess. It was strange watching the plane above us quieter than the flight of an eagle. The pilot let it slow down as much as he could before he got it going again and sped off into the grey sky distance.

The Hammer likes going in the car more than any of my other dogs. Strangler slept as soon as he got into the car and Ranger would cry for the first half hour she was going somewhere. The Hammer looks out the window at everything. People laugh at her in my small car. I laugh at the big car people when they empty out their bank accounts at the gas station.

I wanted to leave this morning without her for a while but she ran out to the car just as soon as I opened the door and waited to get in. I had a better day with her than I would have without her. She is my best friend just like all my dogs have been.

I am a dog loving motherfucker. Just like Anne Murray.

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Anonymous said...

Q. What do Anne Murray and Dogs' have in common? A.They both lick their BALLS'!