13 March 2006

Extra Strength Cider

Sonja returned from her gal pal date with a story from Sliverville.

The young son of one of her buddies was at a party in Sliverville on Friday night. He was drinking cider. Do not mind a gallon or two of the stuff myself on occasion. He did not know everybody at the party that well. After a while he started to feel odd. One of his friends figured someone at the party had dosed his cider with ecstasy. After a bit he asked his friend to take him home.

When he got home he told his mom what happened. His dad got on the computer right away to read up on the shit that was put in his son's drink. They stayed up until dawn watching tv with their kid. They gave their kid lots of water. The kid talked non-stop the whole time. Jabber jabber jabber.

Sounds like they played it smart. If you take your kid to the hospital they are unlikely to believe the dosed drink story. They might believe the story if told by a girl. (I took Sonja to the hospital once when she got a virus in both eyes that ended up blinding her for 24 hours. The emergency doctor was convinced Sonja was on drugs. I wanted to smash the suspicious croaker in the head.) The only thing I might have done different was take the kid's temperature once in a while to make sure he was not overheating. I know about as much about ecstasy as the kid's parents.

I think somebody is putting something in the Dope City Canucks' water bottles.

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