14 March 2006


"...ideas are to the mind nearly what atoms are to the body. The whole mass is in a perpetual flux; nothing is stable and permanent..."

- William Godwin

Like most commuters I take the main roads to work. I see many of the same cars with the same sleepy people driving them every day. I listen to the same people on the radio. Sometimes, when I have had enough of the same people on the road and the same people on the radio I listen to some recorded music. From the cold, black streets of Canada I am transported to Alabama or Jamaica or London. That is the way to start your day. "We all were careless once...I don't eat no frankfurter...Where are they now?"

This morning the people on the radio told me there was trouble on my road as I was having my morning porridge. So I gulped down my porridge, poured a road coffee and left home early. I took the back roads to work. They were slick with the suspense of a surprize snow fall.

I passed the main road where people sat in their cars picking their noses listening to the radio. Slobodan Milosevic has died. For some reason there are people who give a fuck. Not me. I gun the motor and my tires spin like history. There is always another dictator waiting in the wings. And there is always another way if you care to take it.


Ed said...

I've always preferred to stick to the back roads of life's journey. I'm not in that big a hurry to get to the destination!

Lucy said...

When my kids were little and we were going to a park or zoo we'd not been to before, it wasn't unusual for me to make a "wrong" turn to which I would tell my kids "we're not lost, it's all part of the adventure!"

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...
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Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

99% of people never get more than 100 yards from main highways. That is no way to live!