13 March 2006

A Sunday Chew

Sonja had a lunch date with her gal pals today so the Hammer and I went for a walk in the sun. I found the beginning of a dyke trail near Byfield. I have walked from its opposite end many times this winter. We have yet to meet anyone on the trail though today we walked over fresh horse tracks.

At the beginning of our walk Hammer found some fresh horse shit to chew on. She did not eat it all. She is a sharing sort of dog.

Far from where we were walking two farm dogs were playing in the middle of a a huge hay field. The field is greening up nicely with the week of decent weather we have had around here. Farm dogs have it good. I wish I had a farm for the Hammer.

Above us two bald eagles had a playful argument. They cooed like babies.

The Hammer rolled in something not gooey enough for me to later identify.

The two of us looked at two horses. I love horses. I am not too sure what the Hammer is thinking when she looks at them. I suppose she may think they are food dispensers.

Five Harleys rumbled like an in need of repair dishwasher in the distance.

A short train with a caboose on its end headed west.

Farmers burnt marijuana stalk in their fields.

I am one happy motherfucker to have moved from Sliverville to Steepleton.

The Hammer, having been fed, now sleeps in the shade of the fence.

I am having an Old Style.

Sonja just phoned me. She talked to a co-worker about her holiday plans. We can now plan to take a week off very soon. One of the few advantages to working in the same place for too fucking long is the time off one gains with the years.

I am having another Old Style. See you at the bar motherfuckers.

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