31 January 2006

Our Fascination With Wood Chippers

Back when I was setting a good example for the punk rockers of the world in the East End of Dope City women slowly began disappearing. It was the early '80s. Dope City was still reeling from the roadside killings of Clifford Olsen. Most of the women were whores and junkies. So nobody cared or even bothered to add up their increasing numbers until over a decade later. When the police were first asked to take a look at the matter, the matter was swept aside.

I bumped into all kinds of strange people in those years. I would be surprized if I did not bump into the killer. The East End is a small concentrated area of parties and pain.

Trouble is the East End was and is swarming with what church going, rule obeying Canada consider to be human trash. Some of the trash has blown into town from the many reservations scattered like disposable coffee cups in the mountains and valleys of our rich unforgiving land. Others were the sort of girls I went to school with in Sliverville who became attracted to a life of drugs and thrills and not giving a fuck for themselves for one reason or another. Others were born into the poorest neighbourhood in Canada. These women were the only people who noticed and kept what track they could as their kind disappeared off the Earth one by one.

Finally the police took an interest in the dozens of goners. A man was arrested and before the show trial is concluded maybe 120 million dollars will have been spent putting away the man thought responsible. His trial began today.

Rumours of what will soon become public include the possiblity the women were ground up in a wood chipper like the ones I have worked with over my years sawmilling before they were fed to hogs, pets, people and compost piles. It has also been speculated the women were given starring roles in snuff movies.

Local media expect to be joined by 700 out of town reporters. The amount of interest in the trial will make the spectacle of the trial one of the biggest tourism draws until the Olympics are held in four years.

No shit. Serial killers are great for the economy. Especially if there is a wood chipper involved with whores being fed into it and guts and bone shards shooting out as the finished product.

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