28 December 2017

Driving A Cadillac In the Snow

I was on the highway. Snow had been falling all day yet the road was clear and wet. Boring! I took an exit and steered towards the little used farm roads which were covered with a combination of ice and snow. First opportunity I had to practice my winter driving skills all year.

The old Cadillac is not exactly a Crazy Canuck in the snow but with good winter tires and several hundred pounds of liquor and drugs in the trunk its limitations nearly disappear. Driving in the snow is exciting because it is the most suspenseful thing we experience around Dope City year to year. You are never fully under control and often very nearly out of control so you never know what will happen from one second to the next.

From the highway I could see nothing but the dirty as fuck mist rising from my fellow drivers’ wheels. From the farm roads the snow reflected the dimming afternoon light from every place it had found purchase. In Mennonite farm house windows sparkled Christmas trees bright as the fires sending smoke up chimneys constructed of the brick from the now closed local refractory.

I arrived home late with the feeling of satisfaction beating something hard to beat gives you. I had felt nothing like it since helping send the fucking Liberals into Opposition back in May.

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