27 December 2017

Bikes, Drugs, Sex and Politics

Sometimes I write stuff and come up with the headline. Sometimes I come up with the headline and write stuff. Guess which method I am utilizing today, motherfuckers?

One of the reasons why (according to me) the BCNDP lost a few elections in a row is because the party lost, for the most part, what I consider the biker vote. The biker vote, also known as the Steppenwolf vote, is really a much wider swath of the population than those names imply. They are citizens, nearly all working class, who nearly always vote who are concerned with bread and butter issues. i.e. feeding their fucking families.

The party reached an awful lot of those folks in the last election and would still be in Opposition if they had not done so. The party still needs to reach a lot of those very same people in the Interior and elsewhere if it is to increase its share of the vote in coming elections.

The party would have lost all chance of reaching such citizens by not proceeding with Site C.

That is all.


motorcycleguy said...

This member of that group, that fixes rotating machinery for a living, may vote for them again...maybe...publish every month how many real journeymen (not CLAC'ers) are training those apprentices....post every month how the costs are being kept in line and how quality of engineering and workmanship is better than "industry standard"...post actual progress vs planned timeline....immediately cancel IPP contracts or at the very least renegotiate (which is a risk because they will just sell the water instead if they don't make enough generating electricity)....and don't ever ever ever have "Made in China" posted at the entrance, which is well on the way to happening unless they start dealing with some different people..and a bunch of other things I can't think of right now....in short, it better f'n work and not bankrupt BC Hydro or everyone will be out of work....should know by the next election I figure

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I know the plan is to do just what you say. We’ll see and we’ll know for sure as the years roll by. I know all the Peace has got out of it so far is a fuck load more drunks on the road.

Anonymous said...

In 2005 it was only 3000 votes that went the other way and condemned us to 8 more years of darkness... almost every vote counts.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

No almosts about it. Even the votes for Daryl Plecas counted as it turned out.

motorcycleguy said...

Update relating to my Chinese Connection comment above. I shopped for 3 days to find what I thought was the best extension cord (every one was Made in China and from one of your last post we already know to avoid if at all possible). Bought one at a reputable shop supply store. Took it out of the cardboard wrapper, unravelled it, tossed it over to where I was going to use it....broke the plastic fantail 3 outlet end....didn't even get to plug it in. If China can't manufacture an extension cord, how the f*** are they going to build a hydroelectric dam??

One of the things I couldn't remember was why do we not know more about Christy's Cracks that are causing the riverbank to slough off? Surely this is all figured out or this site would have never had an engineer sign off on the plan. Just show us that original signed off document (with the engineer's name) and include how it is already budgeted to get around. No one says big projects don't have big problems, but engineers are paid to make sure they are not unanticipated. Do not hide any more information.

I hear you that it's the plan, and like you say, we will see. Even one cancelled IPP hydro contract in the meantime (and a couple of real estate money launderers thrown in the clink) would make the wait easier.