20 July 2017

The Explosive Little Richard

Mountainside drinks and lunch out of the way, as Sonja and I paid for everything, and we made chit-chat with our winsome server, I said, "Too bad there is not a little record store tucked into a corner of this fucking village."

"There is a board shop you passed near the parking lot that has a corner dedicated to vinyl," our server corrected me.

We were soon there.

Much of what was on offer was as overpriced as fucking near everything else in the so-called village. Bought a 1987 Third World album not in my collection anyway and 1967's "The Explosive" Little Richard which turned out, upon closer inspection, to be a lovely hard to find mono copy worth maybe $200. Not bad for about half an hour's worth of some of the motherfucking best rhythm and blues ever recorded by a man much copied but never equaled.


Scotty on Denman said...

Penniman is the bomb! My fave number is a cover, "I Give My Heart to You," on The Mothers' Weasels Ripped My Flesh.
We've endeavoured to introduce 2/4 rock-n-roll to the grandkids at the earliest age possible---they learned to dance before walking. The last one, though, was scared of Penniman's hollering. Soooooo..., over to Carl Perkins.

Lulymay said...

Dope: first time commenting but always read your blog with interest. I'm an old roc'n roller, much older than you, old dear, but still have my half of ticket from Elvis at Empire Stadium in 1957. Have been offered $$$ from a guy from England for that little piece of history.

Anyhow they used to have concerts at the Georgia Auditorium that I used to go to (didn't tell my parents - lived out in now known as Maple Ridge) where I was going and where I was staying - but the "Show of Stars" had the best of 50's rock 'n rollers known to us in the mid-50's. Saw Chuck Berry, Fats Domino (best ever) Buddy Holly Bill Haley and many more.

I was a teenager rushing home to listen to CKMO and Red Robinson who was probably a year or to older than me. Good times! I can remember proudly when my youngest kid told his friend that his Mum probably knew more about rock n than he'd never know!

Can remember the first time I saw the Beatles on TV in 1963 and when the Stone came on I was hooked! Loved English rock! still do.

Just thought I'd send a "luv u" to you and your partner because as Alan Freed declared, probably before you were born, "rock and roll will never die". Cheers!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Far as what passed as oldies to me as a young man I saw Muddy Waters and Link Wray - both not long before they plugged in their guitars for the last time. I ought to have made more of an effort to catch a few more of the old boy rockers. Then again it was not like I was starved for rock 'n' roll in Dope City in the early days of the Reagan years. Did have tickets to see Jerry Lewis around 1980 or so but he just about died and cancelled his show. Come to think of it I just about died a few times myself about the same time. I was The Explosive Mr. Beer N. Hockey after all. It is great to be alive, rockin' my life away.