10 July 2017

Sex, Acid and Rock 'n' Roll

Caught "Monterey Pop" (the newly restored version) in Dope City Saturday night. Just Sonja and I.

Pre-movie meal at La Casita. We felt good before we sat down. Once done with a couple pitchers of margaritas we reached the point where you do not get to feel any better. Then we ordered one more pitcher.

"We should do this more often," Sonja coo'd.

I concurred. Next morning we both thought better of the idea. Tequila. Talk about pleasure and pain.

Film was a real treat for the ears. The Who, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix impressed me the most, same way they did when I first saw the film on tv fucking near 50 years ago, but it was the Jefferson Airplane singing in my head when I woke in the morning.

I have records by all the people who played that festival. Over a hundred of them surely.

A little sex, acid and rock 'n' roll never hurt anybody.


Scotty on Denman said...

Are you serious? I mean, sex? Oh, Jesus! Bang, slurp, squirt, wah, can-I-borrow-the car? Never hurt anybody?
And acid? Oh my Christ! I'm still seeing colours and it's been---holy!---years (I like to think I'm otherwise norbal).
And Rock-n-Roll? Holy-wolly! I think that was the final straw for my old man. The kids were suspect, too.

Come to think of it, though, the grandkids turned out okay despite the non-stop pounding beat (although one was frightened by Penniman's howling so we switched her to Carl).

Well, okay, maybe Rock-n-Roll never hurt anybody...and if sex and acid ever did, I'm sure I can't recall...

Excuse me while I refill my lighter fluid.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Times change I guess. Sex is yet another commodity, acid replaced with drugs that will arrest your respiratory system faster than Jimi could plug in (!) his guitar and rock 'n' roll itself having breathing difficulties, stubbornly refusing to die.